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Joint Team EXIGENCE (EDF - LMDC) 2018-2022

Four axes related to current joint activities

The joint laboratory is equipped with:
– A director, F. Taillade, and a Deputy Director, J.P. Balayssac (LMDC).
– A steering committee (8 members in parity EDF/LMDC).
– A scientific council (12 members in parity EDF/LMDC + 2 external members).
– An operating budget.
– The research budget is constructed based on projects approved by the committees.

Axis 1: Characterization and modeling of concrete pathologies

and prediction of their evolution

Axis 2: Development of innovative solutions

for improved durability of structures

Axis 3: Modeling the behavior of structures

with a multi-scale approach from material to structure

Axis 4: Non-destructive testing of structures and decision support