The Carnot MECD: the mix of materials for DNA

To respond to the challenges of the ecological and digital transition and to build better, the Carnot MECD Institute (Materials and Equipment for Durable Construction) offers, to all stakeholders in the sector, the path of innovation and diversity of materials used in constructive solutions. This integrated approach to diversity for sustainable construction targets structural and envelope solutions for buildings, structures, and the layout of living spaces. Formed in 2011, this consortium is made up of 4 construction industrial technical centers:

  • CERIB (study and research center for the concrete industry)
  • CTICM (metal construction technical center)
  • CTMNC (technical center for natural construction materials)
  • The FCBA technological institute (forestry, construction, wood, and furniture)

of the CTI network and 2 academic research laboratories

  • the Pascal Institute,
  • he LMDC (Laboratory of Materials and Durability of Constructions)

Collectively, they bring together nearly 250 researchers, engineers, technicians and a range of modelling and testing resources to address all issues relating to essential requirements: resistance, earthquake, fire, corrosion, acoustics, heat, and the environment.

On February 7, 2020, the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation announced the accreditation of 37 Carnot Institutes, including MECD, the construction industry institute, for four years.
This accreditation is in acknowledgement of the achievements made during the three years of the Carnot springboard. It will enable MECD to boost its position as a leading contributor thanks to its multi-material R&D offer and to increase its visibility.
The institute’s members are located throughout France, close to companies, and work alongside manufacturers at every stage of their projects.